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The generic name of Amoxil is amoxicillin. It has many brand names such as Wymox, Trimox, and Dispermox. Though the generic amoxicillin tastes quite good as the bubble gum, yet most of the children are of the opinion that the branded Amoxil has a far better taste. However, as far as the function of both generic and brand name is concerned, they help in treating some Pediatric problems such as sinusitis and ear infections.

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You can get amoxicillin in different forms such as oral suspension, Pediatric drops, chewable tablets, tablets and capsules. The doctors usually prescribe a low dose of amoxicillin to infants as well as newborns below 3 months age. On the other hand, older children are usually recommended to have higher dosages. Experts usually recommend Amoxil for treating commonly known Pediatric infections such as sinusitis and ear infections. You can buy Amoxil that is really a great drug for children. However, there are parents who are of the opinion that Amoxil do not work for their children and hence they go to such an extent to ask the doctors not to recommend Amoxil to them. But the reality is something else. The fact is Amoxil is prescribed as first line of treatment to kids for their infections. However, the dosage of Amoxil has doubled. The biggest advantages of Amoxil are that it helps in treating certain diseases such as sinusitis, pneumonia, as well as strep throat. Infections of the urinary tract, gonorrhoeae, & skin infections are often treated by amoxil when they occur due to susceptible levels of bacteria.

Amoxil is a wonderful drug more because it has a nice taste. It is a generic drug that is quite less expensive. You can also buy amoxil online, that is Amoxil without prescription is also available, from our website. When you buy amoxil online, make sure to consult your pediatrician. After all it is the matter of your little one. Some children who take Amoxil can have some negative side effects such as vomiting, nausea, pseudomembranous colitis and diarrhea. You can take Amoxil two times in a day. A high dose of Amoxil is usually recommended to take double than the normal dosage. If your child has allergic reactions already, make sure to inform your doctor first prior to taking Amoxil. For this reason, do not hesitate neither ask your pediatrician to not prescribe Amoxil for your child. This is because it does work! All you need to have is trust on the medicine.

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Jerome porter (Parent of a 2 year old son): “I was little hesitant about the drug when my doctor prescribed it for my child for his infections. But after I used it on him, I experienced great results. Therefore, it is completely safe.”